Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday in Dar...

Hi again! Kari bu! (welcome!),

Today we went to the Bible Training School...We worshiped with Indian sisters and Tanzanian brothers...What a joyful sound as they sang in Ki Swhaili and English. James and I shared our calling and journey to Africa with them...James also preached a little and asked them " Is there not a Cause in Dar?!) While we were worshiping, I got a sense of being home...a sense of this is where we belong. One of the short term missionaries shared a powerful word about the call to missions and the importance of going even from Africa! The Pastors wife who is the co pastor, also shared from the book of Acts...Jesus gave us power! What are we doing with it!? It was a full morning of teaching. God also released prophetic words.

Afterward we went to one of the Indian sisters home to join in a time of prayer...we stayed in God's presence for more than two hours, praise God for revealing His mysteries and leading us in the way to go. As we sat in the humidity and high temperatures, a strong breeze came from the back door to the front, the wind of His Spirit is blowing, God is opening doors through prayer and He is making crooked places straight through prayer. No one was tired and we really just had to stop. The hunger here is so precious.
Next it was time to eat homemade Indian food! The ladies made butter chicken with cardamon, onion, saffron, peppers, and a delicious sauce to be eaten with a special bread they were making in batches. Afterward we enjoyed a vermicelli noodle pudding, very nice. :)

It was then time to head back to the house after making several stops. We were able to see some of the city and the possibilities of life here. Tomorrow and Thursday we will have the entire morning free to survey the city. Friday we will look into; two schools that offer schooling for missionary kids. JeNi will be happy to hear this! The harvest here is plentiful, we will see what God has in the way of schooling for our children, we may need to make an adjustment. Not my will, by your will be done, oh Lord. I think we are going to be busy!

In the afternoon we will visit the sick in the hospital, and we will have Chinese cell group in the evening! Now you are saying, "I thought you were going to Africa to reach Africans?" We are....God is just extending our tent pegs and bringing in an international harvest right here in TZ! Go God!

I will tell you of our Wednesday adventures tomorrow evening....

Every blessing friends...

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  1. Hope your blog turns into a book. You are so colorful. Robin