Monday, December 31, 2012

Baptisms, Gifts, Rain and the Beginning of a New Year!

Our First Christmas in Tanzania, proved to be interesting! James was stranded in the bush and the interior regions of Tanzania. The kids and I held the fort down in Dar Es Salaam and practiced rejoicing in ALL things!
James with the Pastor of Agape Church Kigoma. Didn't take long at all to become friends!   

 We had a wonderful dinner with new friends. The kids did not complain at all! So blessed to have God's grace on each of them. Mahayla told her daddy, "We can have Christmas again when you get home., don't worry. "
Christmas tubs instead of a lot of wrapping! So glad that shipment made it in day before Christmas Eve!  
We had a fun time putting together small gift bags to deliver to more than 30 neighbors. The remaining items are being donated to a kids club ministry in the Sala Sala area of  Dar Es Salaam.
Looking into their Christmas bags! Thanks WOL friends and the lady from a beauty supply store in Burlington NC
JeNi, Mahayla and Avery are putting a color page into the bags with chapter two of the Gospel of Luke on the opposite side.
What's inside the bag? Boys got a comb, candy, colored pencils, bouncy ball and candy, girls got the same along with hair bands and little girls got hair bobbins, hair scrunches and crayons, so much fun!

Today we had the privilege of baptizing these two young girls! Praise the Lord, what a way to end the year 2012!
And to top it all off, this momma rededicated her life to Jesus and we baptized her baby boy Prince. He is now considered special needs due to the attempt of his father to sacrifice him as his first born in India.(not all people believe this way) The mother is now living free with her boy. Praise the Lord! What a way to end 2012!! 
 On Sunday we experienced our first rain storm in Tanzania. It was a big down pour! We are beleiveing the spiritual rain of God will "reign" down in righteousness in the coming year. Showers of blessings over Tanzania, ELM(everlasting love missions) and all of our friends!

In a Bajaj riding right through, so glad we have our rubber boots!

Many streets were flooded.

A well watered garden!

 We are rejoicing! God is so good! Look out 2013, God will be glorified in ALL the earth!

Tonight we will celebrate at Agape Life Church. prayer, worship, prophetic word for the coming year, food, drinks, fellowship, dancing and fireworks! 

Thank you for praying for us, and supporting our family in the year 2012. We trust God will reward you and give you double, double! The harvest is plentiful, pray that the Lord of the harvest will send forth His laborers.

The Dick family in Tanzania,
James, Deanna, JeNi, Mahayla and Jaedon

Friday, November 2, 2012



Everlasting Love Missions in Tanzania
James and(Deanna) along with 3 of our amazing children live in the city of DAR ES SALAAM in East Africa. Join our family on a journey of  Love...Love for God, Love for our family, love for the body of Christ and love for the nations of the earth. This is where we share with you, how God is using one family to offer HOPE, HELP AND LOVE in Africa!
Our family left to right from the backrow- William, Bea, Lis, James Jr.,JeNi, James Sr., Jaedon, Mahayla, Deanna

James is now in North Carolina to attend the "home going" of his precious mom, Nancy Dick - We take comfort in knowing we will see her again. The family has been strong and great peace has surrounded us all.
Mom Nancy- R.I.P

I returned from the United States just two days before James Left, to celebrate the birth of our first grandchild, Dante James Eachus - born September 29, 2012 at 10:35am to William and Beatrice Eachus. 
William, Bea and baby Dante(photograph by Heather Price)
I spent 2 awesome days with Elizabeth our 2nd daughter in CA at Simpson University where she is a 3rd year student.  Compliments of a wonderful partner in our ministry. Praise God for frequent flyer miles!
Liz and her dad, on her way back to Simpson after summer break
While in North Carolina, I met with so many friends and discussed the possibilities of developing our ministry, so we can make the deepest impact ever! We are agents for change!  
One of the meetings was a complimentary Thank you! Family Partners Luncheon -  A big thank you to all who attended and to all who helped! Your presence made the difference.
Word of Life Family: Vision4Tanzania Partners Luncheon

What's up in Tanzania NOW?
Next week on Tuesday November 6th, we begin our FREE Everlasting Love English School. We will open two days a week for an hour to begin. The first half will be focused on learning basic oral English, the 2nd half will focus on learning Bible truths. We are also planning to offer the children a piece of Chapati(flour tortilla type bread) very popular and we will add a little vegetable for nutrition.
Our backyard, we have added a cover and will hold classes here on mats

God was so faithful during my recent time back in America, thank you family, faithful friends, partners and WOL Church for being a part of missions in Tanzania,

We received much needed practical supplies as well! Our partners are awesome! Thank you, each one for thinking our kids, and the dad and mom. :)

God added amazing new people to our team, we will announce them in our next update!

Tanzania. Peace, open eyes to the Love of Jesus, salvation. We are asking God to bring down every false religion. To make His glory seen and known! Amen?!

Free English School to be a success.Discovery Chinese Bible Study

Our involvement with Agape New Life Church, Agape Television Network 

 Please pray for our family, Bea and Will, grand baby Dante, Liz in college Our son James Jr. will complete basic training with the National Guard soon. JeNi, Mahayla and Jadoen - please pray for Simpson Univ. Toto Serene Preschool and Tawei House Kindergarten

Thank God with us in faith;  We are currently raising funds for a reliable vehicle for our family in Tanzania,JeNi's 2013 - 2014 school fees, and for practical household needs.

We are believing for 213 prayer partners in 2013, it could be YOU! Help to fill our  ELM(Everlasting Love Mission) with people who want to be a part of changing lives in Tanzania. 
It only takes 1leave to help to make a difference!(to the tune of:It Only Takes A Spark)a know corny right! :)
Elm Tree FoliageElm Tree

How can I contact the Dick Family:
Skype: elovemissions
Address:Everlasting Love Missions
              PO BOX 374
              Whitsett, NC 27377
Facebook: Vision4Tanzania:Dick Family in Dar Es Salaam East Africa

How can I make a donation:
You can donate online, through paypal - just click the donate button on this page
You can place a check, or money order in the mail at the above address
You can give at Word Of Life Family Church -
You can give through our website-

ELM is a 501(c)non profit ministry - Your gift is tax deductible.
God bless you my friends, it was so nice to check in with you!

 The Dick family 

What's ahead:
Announcing new team members
BE the Difference! Everlasting Love Missions Trip 2013

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


WE SHARED in previous post our plans to move to the city of Dodoma in Tanzania... In Dodoma, they were  unable to provide us with the necessary paperwork to live and work as missionaries. 

We are now preparing to move to the port city of Dar Es Salaam. Where we'll work with a local church and Christian TV Station. We asked the Senior Pastor what they needed? "The reply was, HANDS", we need your hands. 
And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish  thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.Psalm 90:17

They share our vision of having an orphanage & health care centers. They have a heart to reach the nearly 80,000 villages with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and education. We met them last year while on our survey visitation....introduced by one of ELM's(Everlasting Love Missions) board members.

OUR purpose remains the same. To offer, hope, help and love to the nations.
Please enjoy a video of our visit to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania in the Spring of 2011

We are continuing to invite those who have a heart for our family, missions and education to partner with us in the call to Tanzania. 


Give online, to the right of our blog, or at our website

You can mail your gift to:
ELM(Everlasting Love Missions)
P.O. Box 374
Whitsett, NC 27377

Thank you and my God WILL supply YOUR every need!
The Dick Family 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


We have purchased 5 airline tickets to Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania. July 27, 2012 - we will board a plan from Raliegh/Durhum at 7:15pm!

"A huge thanks to all of our family, friends, and ministry partners!"


1. Pack books & items for our space, in a container leaving at the end of May! Yikes! We will be busy this  week, the inspection is May 15th.

How much? $200 tubs + $750 ship to Zanzibar + 500 to Dar to Dodoma = $1450

2. Order insurances, life and emergency medical

How much? $Life- $1632.00 a year + EM- $1900 a year = $2532 .

3. Class C - Permit(to live in Tanzania)/Visa's
How much? Permit $550x2 = $1,100 + processing fee $240 + $150 for children= 1,490
4. Immunizations/Malaria Pills/Cipro

How much? Yellow fever $180 per childx3 = $540 + Anti malaria pills $180 x5 = $900 + Cipro $4x 5 = $20 = $1460

5. Vehicle/ shipping/taxes

How much? Around $6000 to be determined.

6. Housing

How much? Year rental = $8000 - 12,000 to be determined.

7. Furnishings

How Much? Each room + generator + water container =Around $5000 - to be determined.

TOTAL = 28,482

And my God shall supply your every need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

You can contact us by email elovemissions@gmail. If you have any questions.

You can donate by using paypal from our blog, or on our website.  We now have automatic monthly giving! 


Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Dear friends, family, ministry partners,

We are so blessed to share the results from the 5K MOVE-A-THON, hosted by our ministry, EVERLASTING LOVE MISSIONS, on April 21, 2012. 

Last year in September, I(Deanna) had a conversation with Kendra, a Personal Life Coach and business woman at our local church. She suggested our ministry host a walkathon. She continued to show support and encouragement along the way and the results were seen in the past weekend. 
Amber, our missions care team leader, Paula a sister with a big heart, Pat, our prayer team leader, the WOL prayer team stood with us every step of the way. Vertical Student Ministries and our community came a alongside of us, and supported our effort.  Community churches joined us by "building their teams"  and the amazing amount of WOL volunteers and our kids made the event a joy for all who were able to participate. 

Friends made pledges from across the country, and gave generously because they believe in preaching the gospel to the nations. 

More than 200 people participated and over $10,000 was raised in support of Vision Tanzania. Our project to move our family to Tanzania by the end of Spring, 2012. 

We Give God ALL the glory, and we appreciate every sacrifice made and every person who supported us in anyway.   THANK YOU, ALL!

Our 21 days of Answered prayers are now concluded, however we continue to pray and thank God for every need being supplied. Our eyes our on HIM alone.

We have been invited by International Christian Center to join their team in Dodoma, Tanzania. Where we will be involved with leadership training, men's, women's, children's and college ministry. We pray we will be a blessing and that many of you will be a continued part of making that happen. 

Next Steps: Immunizations, visas, insurances, plane tickets, supplies, container, vehicle, house, household items. 

We are continuing to add prayer support, please let us know if you will pray with our family and for the nation of Tanzania! 

We are also continuing to add partners who will sow financial seed into out ministry Everlasting Love Missions, on a monthly basis. Your gifts will help us to take the next steps, and beyond. 

More importantly your gift, will allow us to partner with God in being a part of fulfilling "The Great Commission", your gift will release a financial harvest in your life, home, family, business, ministry and even reach into your future generations...your children and your children's children will be blessed. God is not mocked, whatsoever a mans sows, that will he also reap! You are blessed to be a blessing and we are blessed to be a blessing, together we are bringing in the end time harvest of souls, and on that we can place no financial value. 

You have an inheritance in Africa because you sowed a seed...You are apart of bringing change to someones life in another nation...You are making a difference!

We love you all, and pray your needs are met, your bodies are healed and your household is full of peace. God is good!

May every Kingdom resource be yours,
The Dick family