Monday, March 28, 2011

Now that we are here...

Hello friends,
I am sorry I have not made a post in a while...We were super busy prior to leaving for Tanzania on March 26. For those of you who were able to join us on the 19th for our reception, Asanti!(thank you) For those of you who helped to make it a successful event, great gratitude to you! To our venue president, thanks and again thanks to all the artist.
We are now in Dar Es Salaam, TZ...We are a walk away from the Indian ocean and the climate here is much like our beloved Hainan Island, so we are feeling right at home. It has been about 90degrees everyday plus humidity, so yay...just a little warm! In TZ it is required that ladies where a skirt or dress covering our knees, it is actually cooler than wearing jeans or pants. James is sweating all the time, lol, and I am loving the warm breeze and don't mind glistening at all! :)
Our host family have been very gracious, the wife met us at the airport about an hour drive away from their country home. We waited outside the airport looking like we were either tourist or very lost until we connected with her. I actually had to ask to use a computer in the ticket agents office because....we forgot to write down the address, telephone number! Not a good idea... :)
We had a little trouble getting through customs because we had a bag from a friend for their family members here in Dar that had items they considered gifts, so before they could open every bag we had and see all the toys we brought with us, we quickly paid the officials and received a receipt and stamp. :) We have since been told, if they are donated items or second hand you do not need to pay the tax, so....lesson learned.
God gave us favor in the airport in DC, as they were weighing carry ons! Yes, carry ons. Ours was over weight because, we packed all the clothes we brought with us in our carry ons; so we could use our other bags to accomadte the items for the Missionaries and for the children.  Praise the Lord for favor! The nice guy at the counter checked our carry on bags for us and did not charge us the 300us dollars he could have asked for, God is good! All the time....God is good!
Well, it is Monday here and it is the Sabbath day for the missionaries and christian workers so, we rested as well. We went to the beach and had a picnic lunch with a MK and a short term missions gal. It was nice to see the deep blue ocean, walk on the sandy beach and observe the people while listening to their beautiful language. I will learn it! God will help me. :)
Tomorrow we are up at the crack of dawn, off to Bible school as they operate a Bible Training Institute.
After wards we will go to ladies prayer with the Indian ladies, we have been told they will cook for us and they make the best food ever, we will let you know!

Much love,
Deanna for us all


  1. Prayed for you all this morning! Thank you for your living testament to God's faithfulness. Your courage and dedication makes me press on! We love you guys!

  2. Thats sounds wonderful! I'm so glad you get some James and D time! Can't wait to see pictures! I'm under Brian's name. I'm too lazy to sign out and then sign back in.

  3. So good to hear all God is doing there in the ministry. Will continue to pray for you. Miss you and love you.

  4. we love you and are continuing to pray for God to do mighty things through you.We enjoyed your Kids and Liz this weekend.They were a joy as usual.It actually snowed here Monday morning for a few hours.I have promised Liz that it will be a little warmer before she leaves.Everyone is very excited to have her home.Miss you.
    Paula Price

  5. Despite the little mishaps along the way, it sounds like you guys have been having a pretty wonderful time :). I'm glad you've been able to settle in nicely, and I pray God will continue to bless you both on your voyage to discover and scout out the land God placed on the hearts of this family. I love you guys soooooo much, and I will continue to pray for you...especially since you're overseas :D. Be strong, and BE BLESSED!!!!!

  6. So thankful you all are reading the blog and keeping in touch with us! Your prayers mean so very much...Love you too Liz, miss you soooo much, but I am thankful your siblings get to have you for this time.