Saturday, February 26, 2011

Good Things Are Happening!

Well, today my(Deanna) passport came in the mail! Whooo hooo! Renewed for 10 more years ready to GO again and fulfill The Great Commission! I think everyone should have a passport, just in case you're next! :)

Praise the Lord we have our tickets to Tanzania for our vision trip; our departure date is March 26th. We will land in Dar Es Salaam. Our Toy Campaign is on target, thanks to everyone who has donated!. Our goal is to take 1000 small hand held toys with us. The Children's Ministry at Word of Life Family Church (our sending church) is also cooperating with us and we believe we will reach our goal!!!

We are inviting anyone living any where near Burlington, NC to join James and I for an afternoon reception in Saxapahaw, NC just outside of Graham, NC; at the Saxapahaw Art Gallery. Those of you living outside of the city and state are welcomed as well! Your prayers are especially appreciated.

On behalf of VISION TANZANIA...

The Saxapahaw Art Gallery, welcomes you to their village.
Nestled in the corner of North Carolina on the beautiful Haw River, sits the best kept secret outside of Greensboro, Chapel Hill and the Raleigh, Durham areas.
Join the Saxapahaw community on March 19, 2011 for an afternoon reception from four pm to six pm at The Saxapahaw Artist Art Gallery.
Local artist will be featured and will donate a precentage of art sales to support VISION TANZANIA...
James and Deanna Dick, the Vision Tanzania project promoters; will share their heart to bring hope... and humanitarian aide to Africa.
Please join us!
Refreshments will be available
All donations are tax deductible and appreciated
Contact information:
Deanna Dick cell: 1 336 588 7043 other: 1 336 270 5095
by email :
Please click on the link below to view a map and information about the town of Saxapahaw

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Why Tanzania?

We often get asked the question, "how do you know God wants you to go to Tanzania, or to nations or even to be a Missionary?"(which is really Apostle) :)
Our answer would be, because His sheep hear His voice and a stranger they will not follow(John 10:27) We have all been given "The Great Commission" go into all the world and preach the gospel to all men.( Mark 16:15) We believe this is our assignment in life, we believe it is our reasonable service.(Romans 12:1), We believe because, God so loved the world that He sent his Son(John 3:16) and now he is sending us. It's because of love. God is shaping our heart, and giving us a love for people we have not known because, He loves them. He has a plan and purpose for the people in Tanzania, and we are honored to be chosen to go.
While we wait, we serve...we occupy...America is our home and nation. Everyday we come in contact with people who need Jesus in "our Jerusalem." The love of God must constrain us, we must be about our Father's business, whether it be far or near. The harvest is truly plentiful, pray the Lord of the harvest to send forth laborers. He said, "go" we simply said, "Here are we Lord, send us!"
So yes to Tanzania, yes to China, yes to the nations! For nations are people and people are the reason Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood. We all have a mandate today....What will we do with it.

In His service and love,

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wow What A Day!

Spent a day fasting and what a difference it makes...time set apart for God can only produce good results. The anointing to teach is that much more powerful. I believe we ladies at the Girlfriends Small Group were blessed today with God's presence. Now, James and I are off to do an interview with TCT TV in Greensboro. We will keep you posted as to when it will air. James and I will be with the WOLFC Youth group(Vertical) this weekend. We are sharing in all sessions, we appreciate your prayers for each teen attending, for all the leaders and for us as we impart the word of truth. May we all come back changed!
Thanks for reading and we encourage you to share your heart with us in the comment section, or send us a personal message. We are praying for our friends and partners daily!
With love,

Monday, February 14, 2011

Getting the Word out about Missions!

Good morning friends,
We trust your week was filled with opportunities to be salt and light. We have been very  busy unpacking and setting up the house in Burlington NC. We are just about finished and hope to have everything in it's place by Thursday this week. All of this is happening in between starting back with homeschooling and managing ministry happenings. We took a short break and now it is time to get back on track!  Today I (Deanna) had a radio interview with Joyce and Larry George of Siloam Missionary Homes. They host a weekly broadcast on Truth Broadcasting in Winston Salem NC. Another missionary and myself were interviewed by their Aunts who were visiting. The questions were centered around the life of a missionary wife and mother. You can check out the website at to see when they will post it and have a listen!
Last evening we were in Walmart to get diapers for Jaedon and guess who we met??? A beautiful couple from Tanzania! We were so excited. I heard her speaking in Ki-Swahili and asked "where are you from" when she stated "Tanzania" I thought God you always confirm you plans and will. We have already set a date to visit their home here in Burlington and talk about the possibility of cooperating together to bring hope and change to their hometown. Dar Es Salaam, the city we will be visiting next month in March! God is good! We will keep you updated!

Well, time for me to get the kids ready for the day, juice some veggies and have a protein shake!

Thanks for reading our blog,
Have a very wonderful day and check back again for frequent updates!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

New Beginnings

Welcome to our blog! We have been planning to establish this for sometime, and now it is finally here! We hope to keep you updated on our preparation and planning; for our Vision trip in March 2011 and for our family deployment scheduled for March 2012. We are getting very excited! We are scheduling our appointments for Malaria shots and Passport renewal this week. We hope to purchase our tickets by the first week in March 2011 for James and I (Deanna) to travel to Tanzania. We will stay in the city of Dar Es Salaam. The ministry that will host us during that time is helping to arrange a guest house for us to stay in. We will volunteer with their ministry while there. It is not clear exactly what they will ask us to do, but we are willing! At this time we have started a toy campaign. We plan to take 1000 toys with us for the children they reach each Saturday at their Kids Clubs! If you would like to help support this trip in any way you can contact us by email at We look forward to remaining in contact you and hope you will check our blog frequently and will also recommend that your friends read our daily blog. We are always happy to pray for you, please email us your prayer request as well.
in His love and Power, Deanna for us all