Friday, September 16, 2011

CiCi's Pizza Fundraiser and the Questions People Ask! :)

We had a purposeful day at CiCi's Sunday September 11th. So, many of our friends came out to visit with us and partner in the vision for Sending our family to Tanzania as missionaries. We were so blessed by everyone's kindness.

We have a few of the videos shot during our time there ready to view. These videos feature questions asked by different people who are curious about what it takes to GO to Africa, and live as missionaries.

I hope to post different videos of questions asked throughout the rest of the month for you to view.

Thank you for taking time to follow our blog and we pray God's most abundant blessings come your way!

For Jesus. because only what we do for Him will last,
The Dick Family

So sorry for any inconvenience however, to view the 2 YouTube videos below, please highlight, right click, and then click open in a new link. It will then take you directly to the video interview. Thank you!!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Everyone Is Up To!

Jambo!(hello in Ki Swahili)

We trust you are all well. We are praying for you as friends, partners and intercessors. Your personal involvement in our effort to fulfill The Great Commission makes it so much easier for our family to plan, prepare and in the Spring of next year; GO! We are excited about the timing of the Lord!

Bea our eldest is back from China with our son in law Will. He recently was hired here in Burlington! Bea is homeschooling  for a friend in exchange for an apartment, sweet! They spent more then a month in CA with Will's family prior to joining us here in Burlington NC 
Will and Bea

James Jr. is now enrolled in the transfer program at Alamance Community College.He's intention is to transfer to The College of the Ozarks in two years. He is attending with a full grant, to God be all the glory!
Liz has completed her camp job in Oregon and has returned to CA. She began classes this week. This is the beginning of her Sophomore year at Simpson University, with a full scholarship, to God be all the glory!
JeNi and Mahayla have begun homeschooling again. Jaedon is getting ready to start the "Your Baby Can Read" program. :) Fun times! JeNi will have classes out of the home at least 3 days a week this year, she is super excited to be involved with other students.

JeNi in plaid shirt


James Sr. continues to hold a full time job. He is one wonderful man! I (Deanna) I am teaching a bible study Monday evenings, serving at Word Of Life Family Church which, is also our sending church, helping to co teach an enrichment class based on the continent of Africa to homeschoolers. Working on a BIG ministry project for Vision Tanzania. Speaking as doors open, and of course being a joyful steward of our family and home. I am also training to run a half marathon next year, so planning to run a 5k in a few weeks,  and a 10k in Dec. I start a boot camp next month. So, your extra prayer support would be welcomed! :)

The BIG plans we are working on will be announced later this month. We ask for you to pray God will give us wisdom, revelation, insight and favor as we go forth in His name.

Much love to you all and peace be multiplied,

The Dick Family
Missionaries to Tanzania