Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Last Days in Tanzania....Where Do We Go From Here?

Hello friends, family and partners in missions,
     Our journey to Tanzania ended with a walk on a Sunday evening through Tegeta, a very lively town up the road from our host families home. We looked to the right, and took in the sight of the many homes local squatters had illegally built in the rock quarry. We looked to the left of us and saw a very over crowded road with cars, buses, bikes, tuk tuk's (local taxi, made of motor cycle and cab), people walking, garbage here and there and children playing. Then we happened on the towns open market, full of people selling their wares, fruits and vegetables, shouting out to us, "habari" which means welcome in Ki Swahili. We smiled and spoke the greeting we had learned, "Asanta Sana" which, is to say, "Thank you."  We often added a common phrase we heard spoken, and put to memory. "Bwana asi fi wei."(Praise the Lord) They in turn would answer "Amen."  How cool is that, people openly praising the Lord. Not in China! :) We said, "Jambo," (hello) to almost everyone who gave us eye contact. :) We were in Tanzania and we were alive! We are following His footsteps, and this is where they are leading us...

     We happened on a circle of people some sitting, others standing while listening to music being played over a loud speaker, and women dancing in the center...What is this? We thought, so we moved in closer. Camera set to record, we watched and smiled as they sang, danced and told a story with their hands. What a beautiful sight... I wanted to join them, I wanted to understand the words they sang, I wanted to be a part of this people, culture and town.

     Monday, arrived and it was time to return to America...we missed our children...they missed us, how we wished we had them with us, and could have stayed on...but our time is in the Lord's hands. He will direct our steps. Our hearts continue to say, "Yes Lord" Here are we send us! Send us!

Phase one, pray about where to go in Africa. Complete, go to Tanzania.
Phase two, go on a survey trip. Complete, we went to Tanzania, to the city of Dar Es Saalam
Phase three ?

Now, we are at the third phase toward relocating our family to Africa...Would you like to know what that means??? Post a comment and we will email you. :)

Thank you as always for reading our blog...I hope to become more frequent with my postings and to become more savvy at arranging it.  Stay tuned, there will be more to come!

Deanna for the Dick family
Missionaries to Africa



  1. Hi Deanna, and family. truly enjoy reading your blog. You will be so blessed in Tanzania, just as you are here. You will be missed tremendously, but praise the Lord for the internet. We will keep up with each other.
    Things are going well with Park Lane. Our team is soon to be a team of 6. That is so exciting.
    Please keep me updated on what God's will is for your family. Love you all so much. Pat.

  2. Heck yeah, I would like to know what that means????? I want all the details...Facebook me

    Keith Jenkins