Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Dear friends, family, ministry partners,

We are so blessed to share the results from the 5K MOVE-A-THON, hosted by our ministry, EVERLASTING LOVE MISSIONS, on April 21, 2012. 

Last year in September, I(Deanna) had a conversation with Kendra, a Personal Life Coach and business woman at our local church. She suggested our ministry host a walkathon. She continued to show support and encouragement along the way and the results were seen in the past weekend. 
Amber, our missions care team leader, Paula a sister with a big heart, Pat, our prayer team leader, the WOL prayer team stood with us every step of the way. Vertical Student Ministries and our community came a alongside of us, and supported our effort.  Community churches joined us by "building their teams"  and the amazing amount of WOL volunteers and our kids made the event a joy for all who were able to participate. 

Friends made pledges from across the country, and gave generously because they believe in preaching the gospel to the nations. 

More than 200 people participated and over $10,000 was raised in support of Vision Tanzania. Our project to move our family to Tanzania by the end of Spring, 2012. 

We Give God ALL the glory, and we appreciate every sacrifice made and every person who supported us in anyway.   THANK YOU, ALL!

Our 21 days of Answered prayers are now concluded, however we continue to pray and thank God for every need being supplied. Our eyes our on HIM alone.

We have been invited by International Christian Center to join their team in Dodoma, Tanzania. Where we will be involved with leadership training, men's, women's, children's and college ministry. We pray we will be a blessing and that many of you will be a continued part of making that happen. 

Next Steps: Immunizations, visas, insurances, plane tickets, supplies, container, vehicle, house, household items. 

We are continuing to add prayer support, please let us know if you will pray with our family and for the nation of Tanzania! 

We are also continuing to add partners who will sow financial seed into out ministry Everlasting Love Missions, on a monthly basis. Your gifts will help us to take the next steps, and beyond. 

More importantly your gift, will allow us to partner with God in being a part of fulfilling "The Great Commission", your gift will release a financial harvest in your life, home, family, business, ministry and even reach into your future generations...your children and your children's children will be blessed. God is not mocked, whatsoever a mans sows, that will he also reap! You are blessed to be a blessing and we are blessed to be a blessing, together we are bringing in the end time harvest of souls, and on that we can place no financial value. 

You have an inheritance in Africa because you sowed a seed...You are apart of bringing change to someones life in another nation...You are making a difference!

We love you all, and pray your needs are met, your bodies are healed and your household is full of peace. God is good!

May every Kingdom resource be yours,
The Dick family


  1. Hi De and James,
    Greetings from Cambodia.
    I am very happy about your updates and I am excited to see the works of the Lord in Tanzania through your life. I will pray for you and your family. Take care.

    Missing you,


  2. Thank you Myra! So very glad to hear from you and we miss you too! May the Lord continue to shine through you in Cambodia.