Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wow What A Day!

Spent a day fasting and what a difference it makes...time set apart for God can only produce good results. The anointing to teach is that much more powerful. I believe we ladies at the Girlfriends Small Group were blessed today with God's presence. Now, James and I are off to do an interview with TCT TV in Greensboro. We will keep you posted as to when it will air. James and I will be with the WOLFC Youth group(Vertical) this weekend. We are sharing in all sessions, we appreciate your prayers for each teen attending, for all the leaders and for us as we impart the word of truth. May we all come back changed!
Thanks for reading and we encourage you to share your heart with us in the comment section, or send us a personal message. We are praying for our friends and partners daily!
With love,

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